Nachda Punjab was formed in Canada and has been together since 1992, when they started a Bhangra Dance Group. Years of experience brought from UK helped them easily adapt to the Bhangra Style in Canada and take it to a new level. Over time, Nachda Punjab became Canada's top Bhangra Team and throughout these years, would travel all over North America, from Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago, Ohio, Montreal to Vancouver.

Nachda Punjab, without a doubt, is the best bhangra group in Canada. They are back to back Champions of the Canadian Bhangra Competition and have soared to even greater heights. Many groups have come on the scene since, but none to duplicate Nachda Punjab.

Nachda Punjab has taken this experience and has been pumping bhangra into the blood of the youth. Bhangra schools have been opened in Brampton, Ontario, as kids are being connected to their culture while having fun and learning new Bhangra moves as they go.