Want to learn Bhangra??

Nachda Punjab has been teaching Bhangra for the past decade and has taken this experience to a new level. Bhangra schools have been opened in Brampton, Ontario, as kids are being connected to their culture while having fun and learning new Bhangra moves as they go. These schools follow a system designed to push kids to their limits and enable them to set achievable goals for themselves through the different levels of teaching. Students begin in a Beginners Class, where they get evaluated to determine if they remain as a beginner or do they move a level higher. Nachda Punjab also practices a fully disciplinary environment, as students not only learn Bhangra, they also learn to take instructions and follow them through.

There are many levels of classes provided by the instructors, unlike other schools, Nachda Punjab believes that the ratio between students and teachers should be minimized as much as possible. There are 5 qualified instructors per class and at times, a couple of student volunteer as well.

Overall, there isn't a better way to learn Bhangra and have fun with Nachda Punjab. The classes are full of dance with only few stoppages for water breaks. It's a great workout for all our students, as Bhangra requires a lot of energy, especially at the high level Nachda Punjab teaches. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to 'Contact Us' by email or phone.